Teeth whitening procedures will help in improving your appearance. It will clear all the stains on your teeth and as a result, you will get more confident. However, there are potential side effects that may result from a teeth whitening treatment.

Here are some of these potential side effects:

Increased tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect that results from teeth whitening. For most people, the sensitivity will last for a short while after the treatment and the teeth will get back to normal. the dentil layer is exposed to chemical substances that the dentist uses in the whitening and this is the main cause of the sensitivity.

It is important to inform your dentist if your teeth are sensitive before the teeth whitening procedure. He will advise you on the best sensitivity toothpaste you will be using to get rid of the sensitivity. You will continue using the sensitivity toothpaste after the teeth whitening until the sensitivity is over.

Irritation of the gums

During the teeth whitening process, the gums will be exposed to harmful chemicals that may irritate them.  As a result, the gums will turn white and if the exposure goes on for a longer time, the gums will turn red and become sore.

There are some extreme cases where the gums will start bleeding as a result of the exposure to teeth whitening agents. This may turn out to be very painful and may need medical attention.

Enamel erosion

Enamel erosion occurs after undergoing numerous teeth whitening procedures. In this case, the enamel may get discolored contrary to what the whitening procedure was supposed to achieve. There are people whose teeth will turn grey instead of getting whiter.

There is no guarantee that a teeth whitening procedure will work as you anticipated. Some people will experience tremendous changes and their teeth will sparkle. In your case, you may realize that the results were not as good as you wanted.

To reduce the chances of suffering from side effects that result from teeth whitening, you should get a professional to attend to you. Do not look for cheap services where substandard chemicals will be used for the whitening.

To know if you can trust a dentist, you should ask for photos of his previous work. You can also check the reviews from his past customers.